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No Intermediaries between God and Man


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Many religions give certain religious privileges to some individuals and make people’s worship and faith dependent upon such individuals’ approval. In other words, they serve as intermediaries between God and them and falsely claim they can pardon their sins and even have knowledge of the unseen! They also claim that showing disobedience them will lead to total loss.

Thus, Islam came to honour and dignify man and to refute the false idea that man’s worship, repentance or salvation is dependent upon certain individuals’ sanction no matter how devout and virtuous they may be.

In Islam, a Muslim worships Allah directly, without any intermediaries whatsoever between him and his Lord; for Allah is close to His servants. He can hear their prayer, He responds to them and sees their acts of worship and rewards them for performing them. No one in Islam claims to forgive sins and offer ‘indulgences’. If a person commits a sin and sincerely seeks Allah’s forgiveness, Allah certainly pardons his sin. No one possesses supernatural powers or can influence the universe in any way, for the power of decision rests with Allah alone.

Islam has also liberated the human mind. It encourages Muslims, when differences arise, to refer to the Qur’an and the authentic sayings and actions (Sunnah) of the Prophet (S); for no human being has the prerogative to decide on religious matters after Allah (SWT) except Allah’s Messenger (S), the recipient of Allah’s revelations who does not speak out of his own desire. The Qur’an states, “He does not speak from his own desire. It is nothing but revelation revealed.” (Soorat An-Najm, 53:3-4)

How great this religion is! It is in utter harmony with the pure natural disposition upon which Allah originated man, making him his own master and enabling him to exchange the servitude to false gods for the perfect freedom of worshipping Allah alone.

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