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Islam Pervades All Aspects of Human Life


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Islam is not only a spiritual need fulfilled by Muslims in mosques through prayers and supplications.

Nor is it a mere set of views and beliefs espoused by its adherents;

Nor is it merely a comprehensive economic system;

Nor is it simply a set of rules and principles for building society and a system;

Nor is it only a set of moral values and manners for dealing with others;

Rather, it is a comprehensive way of life which covers all aspects of life without exception.

Indeed, Almighty Allah has completed His favour upon Muslims by choosing Islam for them as their religion and a complete way of life. The Qur’an states, “… Today I have perfected your religion for you, completed My blessing upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion …” (Soorat Al-Maa’idah, 5:3)

Once, a polytheist sarcastically said to Salmaan Al-Faarisee (R), one of the Prophet’s companions, “Your Prophet has taught you everything, even the etiquette of relieving oneself.” “Yes, indeed,” Salman said, and he went about showing him the proper manner of doing so.

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